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Mike Williams Musician Raleigh NCMike Williams is a Raleigh, NC based singer/songwriter. His influences include the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Klaatu, Collective Soul, and many other bands and artists. He has been writing original music since the late 1970s. During the 1980s, Mike actively marketed his music in pursuit of a recording contract or publishing deal. In the 1990s, after becoming disenchanted with the formulaic approach record labels were insisting on, he and his brother, wrote and recorded original music at their 4 track home studio in Maryland.

In 2011, Mike decided to write, record and produce his debut album Leaving Dystopia. Dystopia was released in February 2013 and continues to be widely listened to across the world.

Mike released his follow-up album, Hollow Moon, on February 27, 2018. The album contains 8 original songs including the popular single, Black Sheep.

Since Hollow Moon, Mike has released the singles Breathe (Dec 2020), Rainy Day (Feb 2021), I Know (Mar 2021), Billy Pepper (June 2021), When You Gonna Get It (Nov 2021), Tell Me (Jan 2022), Johnny Lightone (May 2022) and Pretty Lady (Aug 2022)

You can listen to Mike's music on his Reverbnation and Soundcloud sites as well as on all the major streaming sites.

Mike's unique style coupled with his fusion of influences shines through in his refreshing and relevant collection of songs which he hopes will help awaken your inner spirit. Enjoy!

Hollow MoonListen to Mike's music on Reverbnation, Soundcloud sites and YouTube.Hollow Moon

Listen to Mike's recent song releases

LaborOfLoveMusic Pretty Lady

LaborOfLoveMusic Johnny Lightone

LaborOfLoveMusic Tell Me

LaborOfLoveMusic When You Gonna Get It

LaborOfLoveMusic Billy Pepper

LaborOfLoveMusic I Know

LaborOfLoveMusic Rainy Day

LaborOfLoveMusic Breathe

Mike's Album Releases

Mike Williams Sage of Quay
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Mike Williams Sage of Quay
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Recording and Tidbits

  • All songs written, recorded and produced by Mike Williams with the exception of Working Class Hero on Leaving Dystopia written by John Lennon (SONY/ATV SONGS LLC).

  • Both Hollow Moon and Leaving Dystopia were recorded on a Tascam 2488neo / DP-24SD 24 track digital recorder.

  • Hollow Moon was mastered online using LANDR.

  • Mike's publisher is Tunecore.

  • Mike also collects, builds, repairs and refurbishes electric guitars. Check out Mike's collection on his DIY Guitar Talk channel!
  • Mike Williams Hollow Moon

    Please visit Mike's DIY Guitar Talk channel on YouTube.

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