Leaving Dystopia - Debut Album by Mike Williams
The powerful debut album by singer/songwriter Mike Williams
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"This album is a gem. A throw back to when music communicated a relevant message. With a lean and clean production, "Leaving Dystopia" is about awakening the masses to the dysfunctional and controlling world we find all around us. From the first track ("I Dig You") to the last (an awesome remake of John Lennon's "Working Class Hero") the music is thoroughly enjoyable. Yes, the Beatles influence is there throughout but in a subtle and unique way. On tracks like "Brain Dead" I sensed some Pink Floyd overtones, the rocker "Soldier of Love" shades of Collective Soul along with the solo Harrison influenced and standout "Beautiful Soul" (think Harrison's "Dark Horse" album). I found the entire album unique and well crafted. Lyrically the message is powerful and relevant with Williams unabashedly making a case for more truth, peace and love in the world. "Leaving Dystopia" is a fine example of what Indie artists are turning out compared to the meaningless mass produced rubbish of the main stream music industry. This is a fine album. Beatles fans - you'll enjoy it. Highly recommended." ~ Amazon.com Reviewer
"Leaving Dystopia" is the debut rock album written and produced by independent musician, singer/songwriter Mike Williams. "Dystopia" includes 9 original songs plus a superb remake of John Lennon's classic masterpiece "Working Class Hero".

When asked why he took on the endeavor of writing and recording the album Mike commented:

"Humanity is at a crossroads. Some might even say in crisis. We need to leave the dysfunction behind us and move in a direction where truth, peace and love prevail. But to break away from the paradigm of fear we need to awaken. There are many ways each of us can help raise awareness and awaken humanity to make this shift - for me that vehicle is through my music. I view this album as a personal commitment to my fellow humans. We can either continue to live a life of enslavement or we can unshackle and be who we truly are - divine souls with infinite potential."

Mike's unique style coupled with his fusion of influences shine through in this refreshing and relevant collection of songs which he hopes will help awaken your inner spirit. Enjoy!

Track listing:
I Dig You, We Are One, Beautiful Soul, Brain Dead, Give Me Love, Leaving Dystopia, Soldier of Love, Free, Truth, Working Class Hero*
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"Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth."
~ Gandhi

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All songs copyright 2012 and written / produced by M. Williams - except *Working Class Hero written by John Lennon (SONY/ATV SONGS LLC)