Leaving Dystopia - Debut Album by Mike Williams
The powerful debut album by singer/songwriter Mike Williams
All of "Leaving Dystopia" was recorded on a Tascam 2488neo 24 track digitial recorder
Instruments and Equipment on "Dystopia"

Electric Guitars
  • Epiphone Les Paul 100
  • Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
  • Ibanez Roadstar II Series
  • Washburn HB 15/TS
  • Gretsch G5120
  • Hofner Bass
Acoustic Guitars
  • Epiphone "John Lennon"
  • Ovation Celebrity
  • Yamaha P-155
Drums / Percussion
  • Zoom RT-223
  • MXL V67 (vocals)
  • Shure SM57 (instruments)
  • TC-Helicon Correct
  • Line 6 Spider 112
  • Raven RG 100
  • Fender G-DEC
Tascam 2488neo - 24 Track Digital Recorder
PRO Duplicator, Epi LP 100, Gibson LP Studio, Epi LP Black Beauty
Line 6 Spider, Raven, Fender Strat, Epi Dot, Dunlop Wah Pedals...
Yamaha keyboard, Fender G-DEC, Ibanez Roadstar, MXL mic...
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